The Gallery

fofo103 years ago i stumbled upon an art gallery somewhere in the neighborhood looked at all the painting there and was i awe of how creative the human mind can be, it was too much beauty in one place it was unbelievable i spent hours discussing with an artist i found there about the paintings and if he could teach me and he surprisingly accepted..fofo11

I love arts,  loved arts since i was a child loved the idea of making magic out of nothing.  i spent a few weeks at the studio learning how to mix colors, sketch paint, and admiring  the works of others.



When i gave it a chance it came slowly, and i realized it was in me. like a virtual gallery that was only waiting to be painted out . it made me feel happy but also left me with a sense of longing since i know i was never going to get a chance to do more of it


the few weeks went by fast and i went to medical school. am paving my way towards the opposite of a part of me that loves art, and make me feel like its my first love..arts, music poetry anything ..

i hold on to writing so that my life won’t be left tasteless, without a touch of arts, and some other thing that connects me to the beauty of arts in the meantime..hoping that one day the doctor life am going to lead is going to leave me time for the other things i love





I cannot count how many hours I spent on Facebook looking at random wedding pictures, of people i don’t even know.So if we count that’s like 586795 hours. You might as well call me an addict. When I see a wedding picture a lot of things come to my mind, mostly the first thing is wondering what the couple’s love story is.what it takes to finally reach that step of the greatest commitment.At times I also wonder if none of them is being deceived. If they are going to regret it or if those lovely pictures aren’t a product of all the wrong reasons to commit to a person for life.The optimism that keeps me obsessed is the imagination of a dream come true, of a love that wins, a love that lasts.Finally building a home with the person you love. If not having them become your home.



When I think of adoption a feel a little heartbreak. I think of a child who would have to grow up out of the nest of where they biologically belong. The possibility that the child may never have to know their true roots. As much as its disturbing to thinking of it that way.Adoption is a story of hope, to the child that will be given love, acceptance, and a home by people who would otherwise be strangers. The family, that is welcoming someone new with a commitment to love them and make them their family, a family that is probably going to experience wholeness after years of fighting infertility, or simply the need of a child to love.



I  honestly don’t know how to break the news to you, but in my 21 beautiful years of life, Ive never been to a beach!  I recently visited some small lake in my country, but there was no sand, and no sun so it was less magical. However the sight of water, the sound, and breeze are still breathtaking. I have always felt like a beach is one of those places where magic happens, a place of inspiration, of nature’s music, and contemplation of how much beauty there is in this world, and finally be grateful as we can to be here.I so much intend to go as many beaches as possible.I only hope my life is long enough



Motherhood is one of the mysterious and sacred things that you can only understand once you are a mother. I have tried to meditate, internalize and make sense of it with no much success. If God made me chose again, and again a thousand times, i would trade nothing for being a woman. being made to carry and nurture life before anyone in the world gets to know about it.Unconsciously protecting it with all you are.Loving them that they become more important than yourself. The mystery of watching someone so little, and fragile growing under your eyes. protecting them with humanly and supernatural power making sure they thrive. Having them be yours and at the same time their own independent being. that will always be an extension of you.



Whenever i see an interracial couple somewhere along the way, I can’t help but turn and steals a few looks, but that’s not enough because i also immediately start to try to figure out how they met, fell in love blah blah!! One thing i always ask myself is how they got past the barriers of their cultural differences, different upbringing and  origin and merge those differences in one wonderful common ground called love and companionship. How they carry on merging those differences in raising their children that are neither this race or the other but a magnificent cocktail. Its beautiful how our souls despite what we look like or where we come from have the ability to recognize each other and fall into oneness.