He knows me loving and tender

he thought me innocent and fragile

he is still looking for the sensitive in me

having no idea how heartless i’ve become..

 Copyright © 2016 FofoFlor




Today i came
Not with colors
Not with secrets
I sailed from the inside

(i came alone)
(and i came to you)

Today i came,
i came bare soul
My heart is naked
My shell is broken
My veil is torn off

(so that you can see)
(and see through all i am)

Love me dear,
love me bare
My secrets told
My spirit raw
Love me like this

(love all that i am)
(and love all that i have)

Copyright © 2016 FofoFlor



Aches have been pulling me up like stitches
this agony of wanting you..
the insatisfaction of having you
but not having you whole
having only a half of you

aches in my nails that want to be dug deep in you
close but not close enough , wondering

how close enough would be enough for me?
even inside of your skin would feel like miles away

aches running in the veins of me
wondering if only it could be, then how it could be?
loving you..but not loving you only
loving you that it couldn’t feel any more lonely

aches creep up like an incurable illness
in my diseased conscience..
effects of your careless tenderness burn
aches, a muse to my kind of scared loving
silencing this evil yearning..
born of our midnight sinning

aches like a much cruel sentence
but guilty I plead endless
and endlessly I will ache..for you