Enjoying Lazy days..


I have been on a break for a week now, having a week without assignments, appointments and responsibilities for the first time in a long long time. and i wanted to get the most of it enjoying the stillness of having nothing on my hands, nothing to look forward to, not even socializing. or worrying about how messy my hair gets..craving cake eating fries and  not get depressed about how big my belly gets..



The town has been feeling like a freaking oven !! making all  my enjoying being by myself almost impossible .Because instead of enjoying long hours of sleep i would be restless trying to find what could be the coolest part of the house. Wearing so little to nothing , laying on the floor opening windows and wishing i was in another part of the country


But then today felt like a celebration because, God finally answered my silent prayers. it rained, i’ve never been desperate for rain before. The weather is not as  cold as i wish it was still, but the wind smells clean  and the earth feels different. and now it feels like a the right place to enjoy doing nothing at least until Monday

i hope everyone is having a lovely or rather acceptable weather to encourage productivity , bring inspiration or help you enjoy doing nothing like myself..




Dear cold weather am warning you i’m not a fan!


In very few weeks I will be relocating to the coldest part of the country. the beautiful city of Musanze, It’s the most mountainous part of Rwanda and famous for sheltering mountain Gorillas , it’s also one of the most popular tourist destination in Rwanda.

Am going to be in Musanze for 4 months while i do my clinical. and before worrying about anything else am worried about the weather  am not a fan  of cold weather at all and am allergic. One of those beautiful advantages of living in east Africa is you are spared of cold. It’s always kind of warm and sunny even in the coldest seasons. When I hear people telling me about the weather getting under 0  in their countries and  i simply freeze. The coldest it can get here is around 17.2 degrees c. And there absolutely is no snow so what am I even crying about!


January is the warmest month of the year. The temperature in January averages 18.2 °C. In May, the average temperature is 17.2 °C. It is the lowest average temperature of the whole year. (www.climate-data.org)

I was talking to a sweet old man from living in Cyprus and he was telling me how it gets really cold there. Along with giving me a few advises as to how to dress and keep warm. a hat, gloves, a coat socks, a scarf etc.. I have no idea how cold it is in doors but I can’t wear a scarf, and gloves and a heavy coat in the hospital it will just be a normal outfit and probably a sweater under my white coat.

I also have to admit that i hate over clothing honestly!  besides am a woman in her early twenties so what are you thinking about?? Most of my clothes make sure my skin gets enough sun and wind. and that makes me feel beautiful and happy. On the bright side i have been promised that the cold weather will do my skin some good so am waiting for that climate beauty.

These days i like to look at the unknown eagerly with positivity and great hope and as the summer approaches Musanze is like an hour from Gisenyi where I can enjoy the sunny and beautiful Lake Kivu, the beach the sand everythingrw155

(Photo source http://www.orwelltoday.com)

Am anxious about the whole experience of going to a new place. I am also excited of it all, getting to see another kind of life in another city, making new friends and getting inspired by a totally new environment. so i can’t wait!

do you also hate the cold weather? any tips on to how to survive in the cold weather?

love and blessings xx




Aww its Sunday! does anybody else feel like this about Sunday? it feels special. It feels relaxing. It simply feels like no other day.so i thought i would drop a collage of my Sunday bliss in the hope that every body had an amazing Sunday.  Especially those who love Sunday like myself!

Ever since i was young i have always loved Sunday’s, the excitement of having my mum not go to work but rather cook delicious meals, going to church, an opportunity to wear my prettiest dress ,visiting friends and family and so many other happy moments

When i grew up it started to drift unto something else. Having Sunday classes, or a hard exam on Monday to study for. and Missing out on the bliss of basking in this special day! but still when i wake up and its Sunday it feels different. The day looks different, and i want to make it special by eating different, and wearing something different, loving myself and being grateful about life!

The only not so perfect thing about Sunday is the anxiety of starting a new week of work and challenges. The uncertainty of what the new week will come with. but also in the quiet and relaxed mood of Sunday, we may find strength within to change.

My goal for this week is trying to find happiness in working hard!

how do you spend your Sunday? whats your goal for the new week ahead?

Happy start of a new week!




Dear girl in the picture,

First time I saw you walk into my class, I hated you. You looked like the most arrogant and snobbish girl on the planet, and I thought to myself that I would never by any means be your friend. You looked like the type of girls I never want to talk to. The way you dressed, talked, and roll your eyes made me wonder what you thought you were.

Then my roommate befriended you, and I thought she was insane. No matter how she talked about your niceness I wouldn’t have any of it. At times I was forced to be around you, but how I hated you inside. Even when it got to the point where we could actually talk, I still thought you were superficial, spoilt and naïve.

The universe made sure that the most unexpected turn of events would lead me to me confiding in you. I nervously vent it all to you. While you took it all in carefully. I felt so bad to give away my secret. I might have been the most desperate girl in the world, until the darkness of my oblivion unveiled.
I saw the understanding and nonjudgmental you. I saw the wise and thoughtful you. I felt too small for your liking but you are full of love. How could I have hated you so much?

Looking back on all of that now, you are worth it all and more. You could wear too much lipstick; wear the skimpiest or lousiest outfit. You could roll your eyes or not smile to anyone and you would still be the amazing you.
May God bless us with 100 years of friendship, for us to laugh harder play more drinking games, for enjoying how young and beautiful we are, and giving each other stupid relationship advice, that never works.

P.S you are so pretty that it hurts