“Little Donald Trump the cutie”

image (1)

Believe it or not this cute innocent little boy is young Donald Trump, i do not like Donald Trump not one tiny bit of me likes him or thinks he is a good man.

But when i found these i was reassured ,that at least he was once a cute little boy! which makes me wonder how he grew into this ugly and irrational American running for president headed out to ruin America which i probably shouldn’t care about since am not an American citizen!


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Instead he looks like that guy every girl would want , and the uniform completes the last piece of his attractiveness. ladies and gentlemen meet hot young Trump!


image (3)

He is the nice looking man second right first row..

image (4)

Everything inside of me wants to prove that he couldn’t have been cute at one point in life but despite my prejudice and the fact that i don’t like him, i was glad to find these portraits.



Donald Trump Endorses GOP Candidate Mitt Romney In Las Vegas
LAS VEGAS, NV – FEBRUARY 02: Donald Trump speaks to members of the media before endorsing Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney at the Trump International Hotel & Tower Las Vegas February 2, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Romney came in first in the Florida primary on January 31 and is looking ahead to Nevada’s caucus on February 4. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)



HELLO IT’S ME, everyone please have a banana, if you hate bananas have a minion, if you hate minions well have a glass of water its good for your health!! smiles smiles smiles, am finally back. and am offering all those things because you have been patient, and stayed amazing while i was away. Here i am back feeling alive and beautiful! but still i owe you an explanation for my absence!

To be honest it feels like i haven’t blogged for the longest time possible. and well last time i checked blogging was my latest addiction. The reason behind me being absent is a pile of things including: a hard exam i was studying for, the planning of my trip and moving, the lack of enough Internet, and above all a shitty mood i’ve been in for over a week.

My exam is done now and went terribly terrible! like what the hell am i even still doing in school honestly? just kidding i gotta get through this like a boss! The trip is half done, am spending another 3 hours in a car on Saturday, packing was such a pain and blah blah blah ! The shitty mood is kind of improved but i still want to sleep and eat more than getting up on my butt and getting work done! so congratulate me for the write up!

did you realize i was absent? did i miss out on something ? drop and link!  and finally do you have any tips on how i can improve my mood and get over the moving anxiety?

Love and Happiness xx

“To know the girl behind the screen”

who is

Welcome to my new followers, you are amazing people, my old friends and readers stick with me, i would have probably stopped stopped if i had o followers, o likes, and o comments so am telling you this for you to know that every little thing is noticed and counts! so you guys rock !

As a way to introducing myself am giving out this exclusive self interview for free, i hope you find it a generous weekend offer !

found the idea on this lovely lady’s blog her name is Mara her blog is  Highness empowers highness

but because am not much of a copy cat i modified it..so here you go..

1. What is my middle name?

Marie, but no one calls me that except my mom.. Marie -Florence( with an aggravated French accent)


2. What is  my favorite subject in school?



right now am so into pediatrics

3.Something i miss dearly

reading a good book without putting it down, anybody ever read this by the way?


4. My latest addiction

Blogging, memes i guess you see where am going..


5. Favorite song at the moment?

I really love a lot of songs i love but how about i tell you my favorite of all time Birdy _shelter ,

6.something i could name my son

Apollo : the god of poetry

7. Favorite food?

fries , cakes anything very sweet.


8. What is the last thing you bought?

A pair of boots



9. Favorite book of all time?

to be honest they are like a hundred, THE DIARY OF A YOUNG GIRL, FREEDOM WRITERS DIARY,



10. What is your favorite color?



11. Do you have any pets?

I wish! i do have an imaginary pet called Nemo, am writing about her soon, she looks exactly like this in my imagination


12. Favorite perfume?

Royale blue for women, Rasasi collection


13. Am i religious?.


rosary-1Am very very catholic!

14. If i was a flower


a lavender rose a significance of enchantment , Majesty, and love at first sight.

15. Have you ever been out of the country and how many times?

am among the unlucky ones, No

16. Any other languages i speak ?

fluent  French, English and  Kinyarwanda

17. How many siblings i have?


onlu-child (1)

18.how old are you

1994 -2016 you do the math!

19. Do i drink? 

Definitely! 23-23-large_default

20. Last time I cried?

last night or couple of days ago!

21. Favorite TV Show?

Super Nanny, total Divas, Steve wilkos show,



22. How tall i am?


23. What phone i have ?

some lousy nokia..that doesn’t do anything right!

24. Can i cook?

Not a pro, but am great!


25. What i do for a living

tired-of-studying1 (1)


study day and night

26. The favorite part of my body


27.Things i do better than the others



28.A compliment i’ve overheard!


29. my relationship status


30.ask me anything right away!


did anybody relate in any kind of way? is there something more you want to ask?

i tag anybody reading this, the same questions or modify it how you want! now have fun!

and a beautiful weekend xoxo