Day 6 :” The meaning behind my blog name”


Hush speak softly
First of all my domain name isn’t hush speak softly but hush speak and you would probably wonder why. well everything else was taken when i typed it in it said available in less than second right! wanna know why? because it was a typo!!! and you might have realized by now from my posts, that am the queen of typos. That’s because editing is a pain in the neck.

I had tried” writing love on my arms”, but then I realized the story of writing love on my arms isn’t one that i want to label anything with. I then i tried” no ordinary girl” it was taken, and i didn’t want any weird numbers on it, and i wasn’t in no way going to pay for it! Well i think that maybe”no ordinary girl” would have done the trick too. Instead i realized i wanted something personal, something that felt close to me, my story and my personality.

Hush speak softly says it all ! it explain a million things but most especially a story of a silence broken gradually into soft whispers until the voice turns into a roar that resounds. and I see it becoming true everyday ,as i merge into embracing myself and letting out my muffled sounds, after 3 weeks of blogging i keep on letting go off the fear of being me, letting go off the shame that comes with voicing the imperfect portions of me, or opinions that may not be shared by many, or things that nobody wants to talk about because they are sad and scary because it is part of what I’ve got to tell..and its my truth i intend to use.

Hush speak softly is a lullaby to myself, when my mind is heating up and am fighting with my self, with the mind chatter that doesn’t want me to be. That lullaby makes my true voice win, reminds me that am more than the flaws and the things that go wrong. that I don’t have to spend my whole life explaining to the world that am true, if i know the truth what else matters? its like a voice that tells me to take a deep breath through recollection, silence and letting all the important stuff matter instead of the mind chatter the voice of me being my own enemy..

It’s called hushh speak softly because secrets are told in whispers ❤




DAY 2 :” A picture of something i ate”

So i have decided to paricipate in the happy april blogging challenge created by this amazing lady here is the link to her blog

well first of all  please reassure me that a challenge is supposed to be hard! that’s why i’ts called a challenge right? today’s task is posting a picture of something i ate, i absolutely didn’t want to but maybe we take part of these challenges to help us get out of our comfort zone and you definitely need this is you are a new blogger like myself. so please let me vent before i post this picture i think this food looks plus my photography skills are zero and i don’t have a proper camera!! ( got it out of my chest congratulations to myself)

sautéed potatoes  and avocado salad  the green weird stuff would take me a whole post to explain but its some local vegetables made of cassava leaves so am probably going to make a whole post of the recipe in the future!





what i ate today!  what i ate today!

oh plus my favorite lemon mayonnaise that is not showing on the picture!

and before you teach me how to eat healthy, because there are no traces of proteins in this food right? and oh save your advice about how to be more creative with food i do that when i don’t have an exam in a couple of days remember that am in college and that this is among the healthiest food available in college, because well living on rice and nutella is a possibility, tea and fries, bread and water you name it,  and other weird combinations of food you can think of!