The trip is loading..



The picture above is of me on Wednesday as i did part one of my trip to Kigali then doing the rest part tomorrow to Musanze ,for the most awaited clinicals!  the bestie is sound asleep!  while i take selfies involving the rest of the passengers without their consent of course!

She looks alot prettier than that when she is awake i promise! and am not gonna see her for a long time and its gonna kill me. on the bright side she can be terrible influence ( in a sweet way though) at times so i will concentrate on learning how to save lives insteaIMG_20160504_172319

Taken through the window of the bus  on our way, somewhere near takes being in a bus to admire the beauty of my country!

anybody wants to wish me a safe journey?


Day 3 :” 3 days quote challenge”

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Even though i have loved and been close to several men dearly, and in very special ways, the women in my life beats it all. They are the stars in the story, they are sisters, they listen more. They get crazy with me, they let me feel sorry for myself and vent, tell them the things i hate about my body or voice my sexual frustrations, they take risks with me.

They know what its like to be a woman so its like i understand them and they understand me like i had each of them inside of me, and most importantly, living with them and appreciating them everyday makes me feel grateful for being a woman.

They build me up, teach me things that men won’t, tell me secrets, give me genuine compliments or simply whisper to my ears that i wore a lousy skirt for me to get better and better..what could you trade that for?

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Dear girl in the picture,

First time I saw you walk into my class, I hated you. You looked like the most arrogant and snobbish girl on the planet, and I thought to myself that I would never by any means be your friend. You looked like the type of girls I never want to talk to. The way you dressed, talked, and roll your eyes made me wonder what you thought you were.

Then my roommate befriended you, and I thought she was insane. No matter how she talked about your niceness I wouldn’t have any of it. At times I was forced to be around you, but how I hated you inside. Even when it got to the point where we could actually talk, I still thought you were superficial, spoilt and naïve.

The universe made sure that the most unexpected turn of events would lead me to me confiding in you. I nervously vent it all to you. While you took it all in carefully. I felt so bad to give away my secret. I might have been the most desperate girl in the world, until the darkness of my oblivion unveiled.
I saw the understanding and nonjudgmental you. I saw the wise and thoughtful you. I felt too small for your liking but you are full of love. How could I have hated you so much?

Looking back on all of that now, you are worth it all and more. You could wear too much lipstick; wear the skimpiest or lousiest outfit. You could roll your eyes or not smile to anyone and you would still be the amazing you.
May God bless us with 100 years of friendship, for us to laugh harder play more drinking games, for enjoying how young and beautiful we are, and giving each other stupid relationship advice, that never works.

P.S you are so pretty that it hurts