The lovely blog award!


Despite the fact that i haven’t been an active blogger in the past month, i have been surprised to be nominated for several blogging awards and all times i was like seriously? do people even still read my blog but one rare trait of wordpress especially my readers is loyalty i thank this amazing woman SUZE from SUZILAND.NET, who believes in my writing and thinks its a lovely blog i have here. and also because of the loveliness of my blog i got nominated by NAM  from REALITY THROUGH FICTION! so lets get this done

The rules



1.I only look good with short hair, well its not a rational but many would agree!

2.What i was born with is an artistic mind, that sings, draws, and writes but i feel called to do medicine and nothing is more thrilling , yet writing is my first love.

3. Am more motivated to do things at the last minute especially studying for my exams (am not proud of it)

4. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder

5. Most people think am quiet, but heck am not!

6.Am  a first class insomniac

7. The easiest thing for me to write is poetry



1. Happily eller after her blog is new but really lovely

2. Pleasant street deep sensual poetry

3.Simple dimple writes in a fun and sweet way

4.Over analyzing literature i love this blog simply

5.Reality through fiction this is one of those blogs i can nominate for any kind of awards because it’s so worth it!

6.Her breaking point strong beautiful woman that inspires me to be great and proud of who i am through her poetry and other posts

7.Sacred touches amazing inspirations and musings for each day

8. Ancient skies five star poetry!

9.Home hugs and huskies this is another blog i would nominate for any kind of award without a second thought i love this blog

10. Victor not Victim i admire how brave you are to tell your story through your posts and it inspires me to not be afraid of my own truths your blog is lovely

well i could go on and on, but i have more than a hundred lovely blogs in my reader,

P.s no need to post this again if you have already been nominated, but its good for you to know i thought you are deserving!

love and kindness xx



I’ve been nominated for the Creative blogger award!


I have been nominated by the beautiful  Lindsay of Home hugs huskies she has the most amazing mommy blog but also talks about a variety of things,  she makes me look forward to motherhood in a realistic way.she is brilliant and a very good writer i have to admit am hooked to her blog! and am honored that she thought of me! so i thank you Lindsay for nominating me!

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Me:

  1. i hate breakfast with a passion
  2. I never sleep before midnight
  3. the first book i ever read was snow white its French version ” Blanche Neige et les 7 Nains” it opened up my love for books
  4. i can eat fries everyday of the year and still like them
  5.  I am more energized in the night than the day!


And the Nominees

Anjalimeow Because she has the most amazing poetry on her blog and she writes it in such a way that i feel like its my voice talking, she writes the same poetry i could write if we had the same mind! her blog is a beauty!

The girl who fears oblivion Not only does she have great girlish posts that i relate too so much, she is very friendly and a great support, she replies to every comment, and talks to you as an old friend, she is very sweet and brilliant, she has a young and soft spirit

By Brighton beach She is a young mom that shares her journey through motherhood and life in a realistic and beautiful way, when i read her blog it gives me the impression oh having someone talking calmly to me, being honest and herself, she is also good at be friending people, i love her!

Sratchesandscribbles This guy is among the first bloggers i got to connect with when i first started blogging, he helpt me into feeling more welcome in the blogging world, he is eager to share her personal life with people to make long conversations and am just a fan of his blog, he is that one blogger i never forget about, his way of writing is full of life and warm!  and he is as creative as hell when it comes to fiction that feels like reality! he is a star

Typedemotions When i read her posts i fell connected to the younger version of me, when i was in high school obsessed with words and poetry, except that she is way better than i’ve been she has a beautiful innocent soul of a woman that speaks from the heart, her poetry is one of those that make you want to run and find a paper and write your own am always inspired and surprised by her words.


Accepting and passing on this award is not mandatory and you are under no obligation to participate. Some of you may have been nominated for the same award in the past or you may not have the time to participate. Please know that either way I consider you an awesome and creative blogger and it is my pleasure to nominate you.

i recognize every other blogger on my reader who keep me inspired and motivated. i couldn’t nominate more but you all are a great source of strength and inspiration, you are creative, and beautiful people!

The creative blogger award rules.jpg

I hope you all have a creative and beautiful weekend!