I am a young African woman, in her third year of Medical school,and though am a science person now, I’ve always been passionate about Literature and wanted to be a writer and poet, life took me to another side of the road, but i will still reach the destination, i love medicine and do it with a compassionate heart, am eager to serve and in a few years i will be saving lives for a living, this blog is about a variety of things ranging from personal experiences, poetry and creative writing, to educative health tips and so on, my audience is pretty much everyone who would enjoy my writing style, but i target young people like me, who are struggling to get as much as they can from their life’s journey add another page.


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  1. Hi, honestly meeting another writer in med sch like myself is soul soothing. You’re a great writer with beautiful words, I’d be insensible to not say I’m more than impressed. Nice to meet you…

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