Dear KARMA i don’t completely agree with your philosophy!


Am not a good girl and we both know it, and I stand here, hear people talk about you , your deeds and wonder what you have for me in store. You’ve done me bad a few times but after how evil I’ve been this year, I could ask you when you are going to hit really bad?

When you sow evil that’s what you reap, and there is no compromise! that’s what Karma says. But I have this huge question, we all have excuses for the terrible things we do, some make sense others don’t. Dear Karma there really is no compromise? Not even a little? and how about the bad things that happen to good people do you have an explanation for that?

karma-has-no-deadline-quote-1THE SPIRIT IS WILLING BUT THE FLESH IS WEAK
I intend to do good so many times, to be selfless and loving, and unfortunately it doesn’t necessarily match up the things I do; because its not as automatic as it sounds. And my question is..dear Karma do you even consider my will to be good, or are you always busy keeping your tit for tat philosophy going ??
Sometimes, my heart is full of anger, and resentment and probably wishing death on people I haven’t forgiven yet( because forgiveness is a journey);and it produces negativity around me and leave no place for compassion or love. I don’t think I should have to pay for that, being human allows me to do mistakes and to learn to be better..through them everyday.

I sin a lot and there isn’t possibly anyway I can pay for that, there is suffering in my life but nothing like the terrible things I’ve done over the years.

If there is someone who did me wrong beyond anger, and in my quest to find peace. i always end up  forgiving. In that case you have no say anymore, when i let go, you must let go too..


karma-cleanseI will try everyday to do good , as I remember it, because sometimes I may forget to plant seeds of goodness, and peace around me; but if I fail here and there that doesn’t guarantee am burnt..and finished.

and if i do good i will do it because its right nt because am saving myself from future troubles, they are inevitable in life
Sincerely me


4 thoughts on “Dear KARMA i don’t completely agree with your philosophy!

  1. you know, you keep saying how awful and sinful you are then you post such insightful, beautiful posts. You are learning a skill that ultimately will help thousands to feel better, yet you say you are not a good person. Well, I have news for you cookie! You are a wonderful, empathetic, personable young woman that is not only beautiful on the inside but danged adorable on the outside as well. Karma isn’t going to give you anything but blessings in your life.

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  2. Welcome back online sweetie! I saw you liked a post I wrote this morning and rushed right over here to say HI! Hope your schooling is going well and not driving you totally crazy. Write when you can. Your words are always wonderful to read.

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