1, 2, 3 BLOOOGGG


When i opened wordpress tonight..the first thing that fell into my eye was the write button. It somehow seems new because i havent blogged in exactly 78690345000 days , well not the exact number but i havent blogged in like forever! days spent not blogging  are days of pain and disappointment in myself..and if i cant write am miserable so i have been miserable since my last blog post!


write..it felt like someone was watching me and new i deeply inside need to write. I don’t have to know how, i don’t have to know what, since being in control of that is overrated. Neither am i going to beat myself over why i haven’t blogged in a long time, and how i feel like i have let down my readers. I cant blame myself for that, since my blessing in disguise came as “MEDICAL SCHOOL” if you know what i mean.


The now is what i have, and let me use it. My one week Christmas break officially starts today! and since i not only hate Christmas but also have no plans for the entire season , other than stay in bed, ignore my face and hair  then eat..and get fat!


My Christmas present is going to be spamming wordpress with my blogging..until exams do us apart..

I have missed every single thing about wordpress..about blogging, about amazing people and what they have to say through their writing!





8 thoughts on “1, 2, 3 BLOOOGGG

  1. So absolutely THRILLED to see your pretty face again and read your words. You were my very first WP follower, and I followed you…..and enjoyed every single second of your writing. You must know how special you are to us. Stop berating yourself for not blogging. good grief, just look at your school schedule for a valid excuse. Have a wonderful holiday and get some much needed rest.

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    1. aww Suze, you always have to be so sweet! am melting, you are a very special friend not just a follower anymore, and you keep me motivated i will be gone for long and i will come back to find that you have nominated me for awards and stuff, thank you for your belief in me and my writing, you know, i may wake up one..day and blog just for you! Merry Christmas suze! sending you love from Rwanda.


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