HEY before i say anything for y’all to understand how serious this is i have spent 4 and 17 hours without opening my laptop. and that’s a first.!!! and i haven’t felt relieved by that not even one second but the thing is i was dead tired, chronically, excruciatingly tired by two or three things!

As  most of  who must have read my previous posts know i moved to a new city to do my clinicals at a Hospital. The first two months i tried a bit to share what my first experiences with patients , diseases and death were like. Then at some point everything got so overwhelming and tiresome. Too many assignments, reasearch, and patients to follow-up day by day.

So even when i had time i would eat ,sleep and watch grey’s anatomy! i couldn’t bring myself to write and i missed it terribly but i didn’t have much choice. despite that i always had reminders that i had loyal followers waiting, i still was getting messages about new comments followers and awards nominations. and now am more than glad to get up on my lazy ass and do my thing blogging is on again!!




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