The Gallery

fofo103 years ago i stumbled upon an art gallery somewhere in the neighborhood looked at all the painting there and was i awe of how creative the human mind can be, it was too much beauty in one place it was unbelievable i spent hours discussing with an artist i found there about the paintings and if he could teach me and he surprisingly accepted..fofo11

I love arts,  loved arts since i was a child loved the idea of making magic out of nothing.  i spent a few weeks at the studio learning how to mix colors, sketch paint, and admiring  the works of others.



When i gave it a chance it came slowly, and i realized it was in me. like a virtual gallery that was only waiting to be painted out . it made me feel happy but also left me with a sense of longing since i know i was never going to get a chance to do more of it


the few weeks went by fast and i went to medical school. am paving my way towards the opposite of a part of me that loves art, and make me feel like its my first love..arts, music poetry anything ..

i hold on to writing so that my life won’t be left tasteless, without a touch of arts, and some other thing that connects me to the beauty of arts in the meantime..hoping that one day the doctor life am going to lead is going to leave me time for the other things i love


“Writer’s block : THE REMEDY”


Before i started writing this post i took a peek at my  blog views today, and no wonder they were embarrassing  because am a lazy brat these days.but i thought to myself that i know how to fix it.  Write as easy as that!

Now that the decision is made the big question is what to write ?? And the answer was nothing fastest answer from the brain! and then i realized i have just written a 2 page email to a friend and that no one was dictating me what to write.


I don’t believe there are times where there never is something to write, we are just at times a little obsessed with idea of what is going to make our posts just perfect have most likes and comments.



The only thing that could stop us from writing is if we woke up one day and our thoughts had disappeared. We have billions of thoughts and voices in our heads all the time even when we sleep we dream. Our brain doesn’t rest neither does the world and it’s happenings. We still have nothing to write?? honestly, truth is we just don’t start. or we don’t know what to chose from countless options. You can chose anything, write for you, for the good things writing makes you feel, for the comfort ans escape it can be then the rest doesn’t really matter that much


And tada! the post i never wanted to write is finished!

Enjoying Lazy days..


I have been on a break for a week now, having a week without assignments, appointments and responsibilities for the first time in a long long time. and i wanted to get the most of it enjoying the stillness of having nothing on my hands, nothing to look forward to, not even socializing. or worrying about how messy my hair gets..craving cake eating fries and  not get depressed about how big my belly gets..



The town has been feeling like a freaking oven !! making all  my enjoying being by myself almost impossible .Because instead of enjoying long hours of sleep i would be restless trying to find what could be the coolest part of the house. Wearing so little to nothing , laying on the floor opening windows and wishing i was in another part of the country


But then today felt like a celebration because, God finally answered my silent prayers. it rained, i’ve never been desperate for rain before. The weather is not as  cold as i wish it was still, but the wind smells clean  and the earth feels different. and now it feels like a the right place to enjoy doing nothing at least until Monday

i hope everyone is having a lovely or rather acceptable weather to encourage productivity , bring inspiration or help you enjoy doing nothing like myself..





HEY before i say anything for y’all to understand how serious this is i have spent 4 and 17 hours without opening my laptop. and that’s a first.!!! and i haven’t felt relieved by that not even one second but the thing is i was dead tired, chronically, excruciatingly tired by two or three things!

As  most of  who must have read my previous posts know i moved to a new city to do my clinicals at a Hospital. The first two months i tried a bit to share what my first experiences with patients , diseases and death were like. Then at some point everything got so overwhelming and tiresome. Too many assignments, reasearch, and patients to follow-up day by day.

So even when i had time i would eat ,sleep and watch grey’s anatomy! i couldn’t bring myself to write and i missed it terribly but i didn’t have much choice. despite that i always had reminders that i had loyal followers waiting, i still was getting messages about new comments followers and awards nominations. and now am more than glad to get up on my lazy ass and do my thing blogging is on again!!