passed on like a ball

chased around between tables


played down and picked like cards

going with the winner

he choses, i don’t choose

he lies , i just believe

am that easy game

that anyone can win


like a newfound song

that slowly loses sense

to be replaced

and never to be loved again

 Copyright © 2016 FofoFlor


3 thoughts on “PLAYED

  1. It’s important to remember that every interaction one makes with another is based on a series of assumptions and thus a series of risks. How well do you know someone? Will they laugh at my joke?
    Working on that base principle we are always being ‘played’, it is the recognition of such that is important.
    When people forget logic from fantasy is when they get hurt. That’s how people in relationships get hurt – that’s why the base rules of every relationship should be established early on – so each party knows what they’re expecting out of the other.

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