The lovely blog award!


Despite the fact that i haven’t been an active blogger in the past month, i have been surprised to be nominated for several blogging awards and all times i was like seriously? do people even still read my blog but one rare trait of wordpress especially my readers is loyalty i thank this amazing woman SUZE from SUZILAND.NET, who believes in my writing and thinks its a lovely blog i have here. and also because of the loveliness of my blog i got nominated by NAM  from REALITY THROUGH FICTION! so lets get this done

The rules



1.I only look good with short hair, well its not a rational but many would agree!

2.What i was born with is an artistic mind, that sings, draws, and writes but i feel called to do medicine and nothing is more thrilling , yet writing is my first love.

3. Am more motivated to do things at the last minute especially studying for my exams (am not proud of it)

4. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder

5. Most people think am quiet, but heck am not!

6.Am  a first class insomniac

7. The easiest thing for me to write is poetry



1. Happily eller after her blog is new but really lovely

2. Pleasant street deep sensual poetry

3.Simple dimple writes in a fun and sweet way

4.Over analyzing literature i love this blog simply

5.Reality through fiction this is one of those blogs i can nominate for any kind of awards because it’s so worth it!

6.Her breaking point strong beautiful woman that inspires me to be great and proud of who i am through her poetry and other posts

7.Sacred touches amazing inspirations and musings for each day

8. Ancient skies five star poetry!

9.Home hugs and huskies this is another blog i would nominate for any kind of award without a second thought i love this blog

10. Victor not Victim i admire how brave you are to tell your story through your posts and it inspires me to not be afraid of my own truths your blog is lovely

well i could go on and on, but i have more than a hundred lovely blogs in my reader,

P.s no need to post this again if you have already been nominated, but its good for you to know i thought you are deserving!

love and kindness xx



8 thoughts on “The lovely blog award!

  1. Yes. We read your blog. And love what you say and how you say it. Yes, we know you are a valuable member of our little online world and want the rest of the world to find you too. So interesting to find out those little gems about you. ❤

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