“The art of bringing a life “

An isolated shot of a pregnant woman being examined by a doctor


 Picture borrowed from https://anesthesiology.georgetown.edu

Today is the third day of my clinicals which i was blessed to start in gynecology and obstetrics. which is  a special department because you all know after God creates he sends in that department before any other in few words we are the bosses you know ?

 The delivery room is among the busiest rooms in the hospital. am working in the delivery room this week. There is no sitting down for a minute, no time to breath, no lunch break, no nothing. Every 5 mins more than one woman is giving birth sometimes 10 all at once, along with a long list of those waiting for a c-section. i spend the day working with midwives, nurses and a doctor also nursing students and midwifery students. They are the most hardworking and patient people.

nigeria-delivery-roompicture from battabox.com

The magic inside! the first time i listened to a fetal heart beat through a fetoscope  i was in PCL2 and so i was like wow, i cant believe it! I would have stuck my ear to women bellies all day! i loved it

The first sight at an ultrasound is surprising and thrilling. Especially if a woman is a few weeks pregnant and not even showing. yet a tiny fetus lies peacefully inside thriving calmly yet vigorously. Tiny feet and hands and a little heart that beats so fast!Yet all of that still feels like an unclear proof that a life is in there.You almost don’t believe its a life.


iStock_000004701536Medium(2)_4x3           newborn-baby-after-birth-vernix

The pain, the fear, the pushing or c section doesn’t hold any poetry or magic  When the baby is finally out it feels there is the dream, the magic, the poetry, the everything you can imagine and more! When the baby cries, and is moving, eager to suck, alive  and breathing, opening little eyes. There you see a miracle of  how much of an artist , programmer, creator, and worker God really is!

How i feel about it ? Mixed feelings, brought about by the questioning of things that happen in the delivery room. am eager to learn every morning but when i get home  at night i feel a kind of frustration. I question myself how do i speak and help women who are terrified? in pain? uncertain of the next few minutes of their lives ?What  are the right eyes to look at them with? how do i learn and where do i start from?



The side effects Right now am not still looking forward to getting pregnant as i did before. and i mean not even a little bit. but am not trying to scare anyone. I’ve heard what people go through before, but now its different I’ve seen several and different types of deliveries none of them looks like something to want, but babies are so worth it,  now what a terrible combination!

how do you feel about childbirth and does it scare you ? how did you feel right after having your baby ?

Love and blessings xx



8 thoughts on ““The art of bringing a life “

  1. I loved being pregnant, I love my son, but I was absolutely terrified of giving birth. I had no idea what a c-section would feel or be like. Everyone told me how horrible it was going to be, but it wasn’t like that. I recovered quite quickly and forgot all about the pain. Every moment, every stretch mark, every stitch was worth it.

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  2. Well I had three and they where all quite amazing… All three where delivered naturally and I must say the last one was the worst because he had the biggest head and still does 😉. In the end, as daunting as it my seem when you look at it from the outside, it is all worth it and the pregnancies where all great apart from the morning sickness, I could have done without that!

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  3. I’ve been on both ends. In a nurse. My mother was a midwife. I have 4 children and every pain and stretch mark is worth it. Pregnancy is a miracle. My first child I had 24 hours active labor and 4 hours of pushing before having a c-section. Totally worth it. They really aren’t that bad.

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  4. timelesswheel

    Pregnancy and child birth scare of out of my wits! I am completely convinced that I wouldn’t be able to do it! I am single and so I don’t see myself having kids anytime soon but I am definitely terrified if I might do it one day!

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    1. you are single but if you are not single by choice, you may as well maybe even sooner than you realize meet a great person that makes you think about starting a family with them, i know its terrifing, but women do it over and over again, because the fruit behind is more than worth it, and you may want to see the look on their eyes when its done they only care about the baby, and they are relieved and almost completely forget about the pain. if many women do it all the time , you are strong for that too, but get prepared and ready, i wish you the best xx

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