“Make me a promise”


Like a lone star in my chattered sky
i still risk holding on to you
My body hold so little life in it
time runs out and my hope keep on fading

and i get scared

when your schedule overflows
the floods of this busy world
will you try and fix me in?
When your feet are a few yards
from power,wealth and fame
will you step back to taste on my salty tears?

Tell me this

those people of the world you run in
surely match your philosophical thinking
when you meet the so wise and intelligent
won’t i find myself aside like a broken toy?

Sometimes i just can’t know

if my skin turns purple
in the coldness of a hospital bed
will the name you call me still be “honey”?

When i close my eyes and lose myself in a coffin to be hidden underground
will you put a rose beside me
When the world forgets me
when there is nothing left of me
will you tell your friends my story?

Copyright © 2016 FofoFlor

” I wrote this poem because  people love us when its more easy and convenient, when we are lovable but not when we have lost color and shape its easy to be abandoned ”



13 thoughts on ““Make me a promise”

  1. My mom spent three years dying of cancer, and passed away when I was 23. She didn’t seem at all like my mother by the time her life ended, and it took me 6 months to remember her as she had been so I could finally cry. But I was there for all the pain and ugliness, and not a day has gone by in the 42 years since she died that I haven’t thought of her and missed her.

    I hope your family shows you that kind of love. I know you deserve it.

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    1. Thank you for sharing this! am so sorry you lost your mom to cancer. and its brave of you to have stayed by her side even when things got harder, here some people abandon very sick family members especially those with AIDS at last stages, they don’t want to carry the burden anymore , or to care, yet these people have been more than that before, they deserve more than that! and i hope i get people to stay by my side through it all.

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  2. Some people may, but not all people do. Some people (the right people for you in your life) love you unconditionally. Those are the ones we want to also love and appreciate the same way.

    I’m always amazed at how some people will try and get the people who will never care, to care. We can care about whomever we want, just don’t expect it to always be returned. No everyone has the capacity to love.

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  3. timelesswheel

    Very beautiful!
    ” I wrote this poem because people love us when its more easy and convenient, when we are lovable but not when we have lost color and shape its easy to be abandoned ” – I completely relate and felt exactly like this, not more than a year ago…

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