The trip is loading..



The picture above is of me on Wednesday as i did part one of my trip to Kigali then doing the rest part tomorrow to Musanze ,for the most awaited clinicals!  the bestie is sound asleep!  while i take selfies involving the rest of the passengers without their consent of course!

She looks alot prettier than that when she is awake i promise! and am not gonna see her for a long time and its gonna kill me. on the bright side she can be terrible influence ( in a sweet way though) at times so i will concentrate on learning how to save lives insteaIMG_20160504_172319

Taken through the window of the bus  on our way, somewhere near takes being in a bus to admire the beauty of my country!

anybody wants to wish me a safe journey?


21 thoughts on “The trip is loading..

    1. i have reached! thanks alot the trip was nice except for the motion sickness! the town am in is so beautiful and am going to take pictures soon you will love them!


      1. yeah i have dropped from one blog post a day to one blog post once in a while i spend so many hours in the hospital , the entire time am standing when i get home my body hurts, i dont even have time to eat, thanks for thinking of me!

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