HELLO IT’S ME, everyone please have a banana, if you hate bananas have a minion, if you hate minions well have a glass of water its good for your health!! smiles smiles smiles, am finally back. and am offering all those things because you have been patient, and stayed amazing while i was away. Here i am back feeling alive and beautiful! but still i owe you an explanation for my absence!

To be honest it feels like i haven’t blogged for the longest time possible. and well last time i checked blogging was my latest addiction. The reason behind me being absent is a pile of things including: a hard exam i was studying for, the planning of my trip and moving, the lack of enough Internet, and above all a shitty mood i’ve been in for over a week.

My exam is done now and went terribly terrible! like what the hell am i even still doing in school honestly? just kidding i gotta get through this like a boss! The trip is half done, am spending another 3 hours in a car on Saturday, packing was such a pain and blah blah blah ! The shitty mood is kind of improved but i still want to sleep and eat more than getting up on my butt and getting work done! so congratulate me for the write up!

did you realize i was absent? did i miss out on something ? drop and link!  and finally do you have any tips on how i can improve my mood and get over the moving anxiety?

Love and Happiness xx


11 thoughts on “HELLO IT’S MEE !!

    1. Thank you! its like you magicaly went through my mind, one of the reasons why am internally frustrated is because i know i haven’t been spending time with God as i should and as i did before! am definitely going to try that1

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