Aww its Sunday! does anybody else feel like this about Sunday? it feels special. It feels relaxing. It simply feels like no other i thought i would drop a collage of my Sunday bliss in the hope that every body had an amazing Sunday.  Especially those who love Sunday like myself!

Ever since i was young i have always loved Sunday’s, the excitement of having my mum not go to work but rather cook delicious meals, going to church, an opportunity to wear my prettiest dress ,visiting friends and family and so many other happy moments

When i grew up it started to drift unto something else. Having Sunday classes, or a hard exam on Monday to study for. and Missing out on the bliss of basking in this special day! but still when i wake up and its Sunday it feels different. The day looks different, and i want to make it special by eating different, and wearing something different, loving myself and being grateful about life!

The only not so perfect thing about Sunday is the anxiety of starting a new week of work and challenges. The uncertainty of what the new week will come with. but also in the quiet and relaxed mood of Sunday, we may find strength within to change.

My goal for this week is trying to find happiness in working hard!

how do you spend your Sunday? whats your goal for the new week ahead?

Happy start of a new week!



15 thoughts on “SUNDAY IS BLISS!

  1. I love this post! I’ve been in such a rut where Sundays feel me with a sense of increasing dread as I count down the hours to Monday… Your positive approach to Sundays is so refreshing–just what I needed right now!

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    1. you are welcome! when you look at it as present that you haven’t opened yet and believe it has good things ahead! the anxiety is inevitable to many though! i hope you have a beautiful and fruitful week xx

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