“Blood is red, Cyanosis is blue, Med school is a pain”


Blood is red, Cyanosis is blue, medschool is a pain! but you know what? if this very handsome gentleman  Patrick Dempsey personally came to me and asked me to study my butt off,  i swear would. My grades would magically be at the top of the class instantly. Before i knew it i would be done with medical school. and out there being such a great great doctor!

Well i can put at up his picture on the background of my desktop when i study, but we all know he doesn’t know i am studying,  doesn’t know i need the strongest kind of motivation to keep it together, so slap me back to reality, and listen to me vent!

Am in the middle of some of those simply depressing semesters.wanna know why? haven’t done a single fair leave alone easy exam this whole semester. oh wait except medical ethics, rheumatology, and genetics but that’s all sir.


One of the most frustrating things about being in medical school is that no matter how sleep deprived, tired , determined, hungry, and pissed off you are, its never enough. You need more. You keep finding out things you were supposed to know. things you must know to survive. and by this I mean make it to the next year without landing in a psychiatric hospital or else dropping out.

Truth be told am not even one of the nerds! I have a rather relaxed kinda life style. you see me blogging all the time don’t you?, i do party, fool around, watch movies and make back and forth trips to town.

Even if I would say I don’t read much I actually do. We all do its just that we do it differently . Some go cold turkey others seek a little more fun and life into the whole experience without forgetting to panic about exams.


I may seem not very dedicated, but boy am I trying so hard?I want to learn all these insanely complicated things so i can be able to serve ,to care , to help people. That is where my sole motivation lies. At times I just read through notes very quickly so I can pass the next exam. but that is not my goal, my goal is the overall making it, serving with my whole heart!

Bottom line is can somebody pray for me or at least give me a virtual hug?


P.S if you read this whole post , and all my venting you are a star!



33 thoughts on ““Blood is red, Cyanosis is blue, Med school is a pain”

  1. I’m also having a situation like yours, although we chose different field. I’m currently taking accountancy by the way. I also suffer from cramming and i am also not a nerd hehe but i think it is normal. But no matter what, i know you can do it. we can do it! We can survive this aha! Just put your head above water. I will pray for you FOFOFL’OR and send you a virtual hug

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    1. you are so kind thank you so much! am glad to find someone who can relate! and hell yeah we are going to make it! anyways i panic more than i should i know at end things will turn out right xx keep studying hugs


    1. awee i had no idea this post would connect me with people in med school, nursing school, dental school etc..am in awe that alot of beautiful people can relate! thank you so much for checking my blog out, am definitely following you, and i can’t wait to read your experiences as well, am sending you lots of strength and hugs xxx

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  2. ((((((((((FofoFl’or)))))))))) hope the hugs help sweetie. Hang in there! You CAN become a terrific doctor and save lives and hopes and dreams. Just look at how far you have already come!

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  3. Sending a virtual hug your way! I like your post, it’s clever and authentic. I too am in nursing school and can empathize that knowledge in the medical field is UNENDING! Hang in there, use that motivation of wanting to provide the best care to your patients.

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    1. thanks alot! am glad you can relate, i hope you will do well in nursing, and become a good and compassionate nurse, i have alot of respect for nurses what could doctors do without them ? thank you for the hug and sending you encouragement as well, xx

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      1. yeah am in third yeah its crazy! but i hope i make it! just look into it with more positivity and tell yourself you are going to make it as you did the other years! good luck go girl lets make great doctors and save lives!

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  4. timelesswheel

    Am I the only one who found this post funny a.k.a. amusing? 😐 Love the way you turned your stress into one hilarious post! You’re not just going to be a good doctor, you’d also make one funny doctor with those charms (female version of Patrick Dempsey perhaps? 😉 )

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    1. hahaha really i thought my sense of humor wasn’t that great lol thank you so much for reading and for the encouragement of believing am going to make a great doctor! i need to hear that more often its gets harder everyday! thanks aloot!

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  5. Med school is tough but I am sure you will get through it. Loved reading this. A li’l motivation for you, I heard this from my most powerful mentor through med school – ‘What do you call a doctor who comes last in their class? A doctor.’ That somehow always kept things in perspective for me. All the best and here’s your virtual hug.

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  6. Haha! I’m kind of in the same boat as you. Funny how no matter where we are from, med school gets to all of us.
    p.s my secret to staying alive past 3 years at med school was visiting the paeds ward. Nothing cheers you up like them chumps

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