I hear you roar beside my bed
And from my veins you rain tears of blood
I hear you beating drums in my sleep
And from my swollen eyes you flood
Don’t scare me; I’ve borne pains greater than these

I feel you storming with your angry clouds
Not knowing my heart can also scream as loud
I’ve also seen what’s above your distant sky
Someday when I still knew how to love and cry
Don’t hurt me, I’ve drank sorrows sourer than these

I see you from here running up and down
When the day ends, I wonder what you’ve found
I hear the same notes from your broken guitar
That tone won’t let me sleep, so do me a favor
Don’t sing to me, my songs are better than yours

I’ve been here wailing eaten by doom
I’ve been tempted to walk in your silent room
But when it’s empty of me you bloom
So I don’t want to set in my gloom
Don’t lie to a girl that knows the truth

Copyright © 2016 FofoFlor


18 thoughts on “TITLE ??

      1. thank you , squall fits it, and before i had thought about ” futile storm” because its a violent storm it hurts but it can’t shake you that much so it doesn’t do as much damage as it looks like it can make a squall by definition i violent but passes quickly and is followed by precipitation, thank you for giving it such deep thought


      2. Oh I like that too. What about futile squall?

        We had a storm just like that last week. The way you describe it is exactly what happened, except it was snow. It was sunny in the morning, then suddenly a few snow flakes, and minutes later, there was so much snow we could not see. Then it stopped, after 15 minutes. But the effects were still there-

        You’re welcome, I love talking about writing. I think that’s cool that you asked people what they thought about titles

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Futile squall makes a perfect combination, most of the time when i write poetry i already have a picture of what its going to look like in the end, and therefore i have a title in mind but at times when you write it turns out into something else, slightly different or even surprise you by being something else, that way i wanted other people’s opinion in listening to the poem and whats its telling me even if am the one who wrote it, i also love talking about writing, it builds me up and inspires me, thank you


      4. “but at times when you write it turns out into something else, slightly different or even surprise you by being something else” Yes! Often, like a new creation entirely

        I am glad I found your blog 🙂 I hope you keep writing for a long time

        Liked by 1 person

      5. i too hope i will keep writing for long, i haven’t been around for long, but i’ve always loved writting, diaries in books etc..people give up at some point and i myself find it difficult to balance it with the hectic life of medical students but its like it gives me new purpose everyday i just can’t do without it.


    1. wow, that is a great choice and one i haven’t thought about, the actions of the man in this poem are meant to hurt me but i have met them before, and feel stronger, they are echoes because they are not as strong as an original sound is that what you were thinking too? thank you for responding xxx

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