BEYOND THE UNIMAGINABLE:”the killing of children”



Countless thousands of children were slaughtered during the 1994 Tutsi genocide. Proof of the carnage was everywhere throughout the country in the months after the killing. On a path winding up a hillside in Nyakizu in Butare province, a small red sweater lay discarded. Inside was the ribcage of an infant.

When children went back to school at Kaduha in Gikongoro province, the bones of other children still lay strewn about the schoolyard in which they played. Of the bodies exhumed by Physicians for Human Rights at a mass grave in Kibuye province, some 44 percent were of children under the age of fifteen and 31 percent were under ten. Most had been killed by machete; fewer than 1 percent, the more fortunate, had been killed by gunfire. Among the victims treated by physicians in western Rwanda, some 30 percent were children and most had been injured by machete.

( extract from a human rights watch report 2003)

Below is a picture gallery of few of the children, that were killed, they represent thousands of other children, the babies my nation, the future that we lost.








images (2)



Rwanda Genocide Memorials
January 3, 2016 – Kigali, Rwanda – Visitors in the Children’s Room at the Kigali Genocide Museum where photographs and stories of a few of the thousands of children who were killed in the 1994 genocide against Tutsi families are on view; below each photograph is a short bio about the children: Patrick, 5-years old, Favorite sport – Riding bicyle, Favorite food – Chips, meat and eggs, Best friend – Alliane, his sister, Behavior – A quiet and well-behaved boy, Cause of death – Hacked by machete. Uwamwezi, 7-years old, and Iréne Umutoni, 6-years old, Relationship – Sisters, Favorite toy – A doll they shared, Favorite food – Fresh fruit, Behavior – Daddy’s girls, Cause of death – A grenade thrown in their shower. Rwandan families donated photographs of their children for the memorial. The memorial museum honors the estimated 250,000 people buried on the site in mass graves. (Credit Image: © Ric Francis/ZUMA Press)

our babies

our babies 2




downloadimages (1)






our children

“Rest on, darlings, rest on babies of my nation”

i have created a widget for anyone who wants to light a candle for my country and here is how to upload it to your blog .

Go to my sites –>customise–>widgets–>text–> title ( write Remember with Rwanda)–——>content copy paste the code in the brackets (  <img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-896″ src=”; alt=”candle (1) gt GT” width=”1619″ height=”1005″ /> )

Then save and publish.

let me know if you have any trouble doing so!


15 thoughts on “BEYOND THE UNIMAGINABLE:”the killing of children”

    1. As i looked for pictures to make this post, i found myself lost in wondering what it feels to die young and even more traumatic what it feels to lose an innocent infant to such killing, and then the ability to be immune to the cries of a baby and kill them, am so sad!


    1. so that we know we are the ones to stop this, to take action, it happened to me, to my family, to my country it could happen anywhere if we don’t fight, if we don’t preach tolerance and peace, if we don’t break the silence when we see innocent lives getting claimed by senseless acts! thank you for reblogging, am touched by your kindness!


    1. It is terrible Josh, and its already happened, which is why i wanted this post to reach many people so that we can take action against any forms of violence in the world, and i believe that on effort is too small! thank you for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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  2. So so sad. I remember learning about this in History at school, absolutely heartbreaking. As I read this it made me hold my daughter even tighter while she sleeps. God bless those beautiful people. May they rest in peace xx

    Liked by 1 person

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