Her eyes reach out to search for delight
they get blurred by the hazy sights of the night
the wind that blows sliced her neck
it cut her low and down she’s such a wretch
blood drops and draw flowers on her dress
her gracious beauty rots in that mess

The devils laugh behind her back
but if prayers turn to white what was black
why does death seems like her only luck
what else can quench her burning thirst
or put out the flames of her lust?
hide away her useless breath , no other remedy is fast



                                            Copyright © 2016 FofoFlor


10 thoughts on “HER USELESS BREATH

      1. i will, i love drawing too, i guess am an art person naturally, but i haven’t drawn anything in a long while because maybe medical school doesn’t give me any time really, but ever since i started writing this blog i have found great inspiration and think i will draw again, i have reconnected with different pieces of myself i thought i had lost!

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