DAY 2 :” A picture of something i ate”

So i have decided to paricipate in the happy april blogging challenge created by this amazing lady here is the link to her blog

well first of all  please reassure me that a challenge is supposed to be hard! that’s why i’ts called a challenge right? today’s task is posting a picture of something i ate, i absolutely didn’t want to but maybe we take part of these challenges to help us get out of our comfort zone and you definitely need this is you are a new blogger like myself. so please let me vent before i post this picture i think this food looks plus my photography skills are zero and i don’t have a proper camera!! ( got it out of my chest congratulations to myself)

sautéed potatoes  and avocado salad  the green weird stuff would take me a whole post to explain but its some local vegetables made of cassava leaves so am probably going to make a whole post of the recipe in the future!





what i ate today!  what i ate today!

oh plus my favorite lemon mayonnaise that is not showing on the picture!

and before you teach me how to eat healthy, because there are no traces of proteins in this food right? and oh save your advice about how to be more creative with food i do that when i don’t have an exam in a couple of days remember that am in college and that this is among the healthiest food available in college, because well living on rice and nutella is a possibility, tea and fries, bread and water you name it,  and other weird combinations of food you can think of!





11 thoughts on “DAY 2 :” A picture of something i ate”

      1. She is graduated now with her master’s degree but she did eventually take an apartment at the time and shop for herself. Then she learned to cook and eat better for at least 2 of the first years there.

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  1. Your food look pretty healthy to me. I live a plant-based lifestyle, and this food looks plant-based. And uh…who is here to scold you? We all have things we eat, and don’t eat. I guess you’re feeling a bit vulnerable, and you’re worried about being judged. This is something I hope you get over quickly, ’cause people who judge you usually live in glass houses themselves. No worries.

    I applaud you for having what I sense is more of a “super hero” mentality that even you realize. Here you have a young blog, but you have a blog. You are making every attempt to have a better blog. You are a student, so you are learning, growing, and thriving in a healthy way there too.

    Food for Thought: Just Do you!!!

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    1. wow! i felt so awkward about this post but what has been happening to me after i started blogging is how you never know who likes, or relates to your life or experiences, thanks for reading again xx

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