I’ve been nominated for the Creative blogger award!


I have been nominated by the beautiful  Lindsay of Home hugs huskies she has the most amazing mommy blog but also talks about a variety of things,  she makes me look forward to motherhood in a realistic way.she is brilliant and a very good writer i have to admit am hooked to her blog! and am honored that she thought of me! so i thank you Lindsay for nominating me!

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Me:

  1. i hate breakfast with a passion
  2. I never sleep before midnight
  3. the first book i ever read was snow white its French version ” Blanche Neige et les 7 Nains” it opened up my love for books
  4. i can eat fries everyday of the year and still like them
  5.  I am more energized in the night than the day!


And the Nominees

Anjalimeow Because she has the most amazing poetry on her blog and she writes it in such a way that i feel like its my voice talking, she writes the same poetry i could write if we had the same mind! her blog is a beauty!

The girl who fears oblivion Not only does she have great girlish posts that i relate too so much, she is very friendly and a great support, she replies to every comment, and talks to you as an old friend, she is very sweet and brilliant, she has a young and soft spirit

By Brighton beach She is a young mom that shares her journey through motherhood and life in a realistic and beautiful way, when i read her blog it gives me the impression oh having someone talking calmly to me, being honest and herself, she is also good at be friending people, i love her!

Sratchesandscribbles This guy is among the first bloggers i got to connect with when i first started blogging, he helpt me into feeling more welcome in the blogging world, he is eager to share her personal life with people to make long conversations and am just a fan of his blog, he is that one blogger i never forget about, his way of writing is full of life and warm!  and he is as creative as hell when it comes to fiction that feels like reality! he is a star

Typedemotions When i read her posts i fell connected to the younger version of me, when i was in high school obsessed with words and poetry, except that she is way better than i’ve been she has a beautiful innocent soul of a woman that speaks from the heart, her poetry is one of those that make you want to run and find a paper and write your own am always inspired and surprised by her words.


Accepting and passing on this award is not mandatory and you are under no obligation to participate. Some of you may have been nominated for the same award in the past or you may not have the time to participate. Please know that either way I consider you an awesome and creative blogger and it is my pleasure to nominate you.

i recognize every other blogger on my reader who keep me inspired and motivated. i couldn’t nominate more but you all are a great source of strength and inspiration, you are creative, and beautiful people!

The creative blogger award rules.jpg

I hope you all have a creative and beautiful weekend!


“Shadows of bliss”


(photo credit fine art America)

Shadows of bliss

laughters and tears
hallowness or mirth
promises but lies
a blessing became a curse

Stealing me slowly
hurting me quietly
i wanted it hopelessly
yes love is heavenly
but overdose is deadly

In that twilight cadence
of our bittersweet romance
i cried to get a chance
but tears made no difference
and i will bear the offense

The touch of your fingers
on my soft frail feathers
now only a memory lingers
in a heart full blisters
and your toxic whispers

Copyright © 2016 FofoFlor

Dear cold weather am warning you i’m not a fan!


In very few weeks I will be relocating to the coldest part of the country. the beautiful city of Musanze, It’s the most mountainous part of Rwanda and famous for sheltering mountain Gorillas , it’s also one of the most popular tourist destination in Rwanda.

Am going to be in Musanze for 4 months while i do my clinical. and before worrying about anything else am worried about the weather  am not a fan  of cold weather at all and am allergic. One of those beautiful advantages of living in east Africa is you are spared of cold. It’s always kind of warm and sunny even in the coldest seasons. When I hear people telling me about the weather getting under 0  in their countries and  i simply freeze. The coldest it can get here is around 17.2 degrees c. And there absolutely is no snow so what am I even crying about!


January is the warmest month of the year. The temperature in January averages 18.2 °C. In May, the average temperature is 17.2 °C. It is the lowest average temperature of the whole year. (www.climate-data.org)

I was talking to a sweet old man from living in Cyprus and he was telling me how it gets really cold there. Along with giving me a few advises as to how to dress and keep warm. a hat, gloves, a coat socks, a scarf etc.. I have no idea how cold it is in doors but I can’t wear a scarf, and gloves and a heavy coat in the hospital it will just be a normal outfit and probably a sweater under my white coat.

I also have to admit that i hate over clothing honestly!  besides am a woman in her early twenties so what are you thinking about?? Most of my clothes make sure my skin gets enough sun and wind. and that makes me feel beautiful and happy. On the bright side i have been promised that the cold weather will do my skin some good so am waiting for that climate beauty.

These days i like to look at the unknown eagerly with positivity and great hope and as the summer approaches Musanze is like an hour from Gisenyi where I can enjoy the sunny and beautiful Lake Kivu, the beach the sand everythingrw155

(Photo source http://www.orwelltoday.com)

Am anxious about the whole experience of going to a new place. I am also excited of it all, getting to see another kind of life in another city, making new friends and getting inspired by a totally new environment. so i can’t wait!

do you also hate the cold weather? any tips on to how to survive in the cold weather?

love and blessings xx




Aww its Sunday! does anybody else feel like this about Sunday? it feels special. It feels relaxing. It simply feels like no other day.so i thought i would drop a collage of my Sunday bliss in the hope that every body had an amazing Sunday.  Especially those who love Sunday like myself!

Ever since i was young i have always loved Sunday’s, the excitement of having my mum not go to work but rather cook delicious meals, going to church, an opportunity to wear my prettiest dress ,visiting friends and family and so many other happy moments

When i grew up it started to drift unto something else. Having Sunday classes, or a hard exam on Monday to study for. and Missing out on the bliss of basking in this special day! but still when i wake up and its Sunday it feels different. The day looks different, and i want to make it special by eating different, and wearing something different, loving myself and being grateful about life!

The only not so perfect thing about Sunday is the anxiety of starting a new week of work and challenges. The uncertainty of what the new week will come with. but also in the quiet and relaxed mood of Sunday, we may find strength within to change.

My goal for this week is trying to find happiness in working hard!

how do you spend your Sunday? whats your goal for the new week ahead?

Happy start of a new week!


“When they ask”


I will tell them that our love was lost

in the blue under the eclipsing sun

I will tell them that our friendship broke
inside of me underneath my bruised wrist

I will tell them that our hope shattered and
sank in the seas above layers of paraffin

I will tell them that our hands lost hold
in the meadows between flowers and dust

I will tell them that we merged in another world
and buried our laughters forever in the past

I will tell them that we had a treasure dearer than gold
and that for me somethings never last

I will tell them how you stepped aside and walked away
I will tell them that love dies anyway..

Copyright © 2016 FofoFlor

“To know the girl behind the screen”

who is

Welcome to my new followers, you are amazing people, my old friends and readers stick with me, i would have probably stopped stopped if i had o followers, o likes, and o comments so am telling you this for you to know that every little thing is noticed and counts! so you guys rock !

As a way to introducing myself am giving out this exclusive self interview for free, i hope you find it a generous weekend offer !

found the idea on this lovely lady’s blog her name is Mara her blog is  Highness empowers highness

but because am not much of a copy cat i modified it..so here you go..

1. What is my middle name?

Marie, but no one calls me that except my mom.. Marie -Florence( with an aggravated French accent)


2. What is  my favorite subject in school?



right now am so into pediatrics

3.Something i miss dearly

reading a good book without putting it down, anybody ever read this by the way?


4. My latest addiction

Blogging, memes i guess you see where am going..


5. Favorite song at the moment?

I really love a lot of songs i love but how about i tell you my favorite of all time Birdy _shelter ,

6.something i could name my son

Apollo : the god of poetry

7. Favorite food?

fries , cakes anything very sweet.


8. What is the last thing you bought?

A pair of boots



9. Favorite book of all time?

to be honest they are like a hundred, THE DIARY OF A YOUNG GIRL, FREEDOM WRITERS DIARY,



10. What is your favorite color?



11. Do you have any pets?

I wish! i do have an imaginary pet called Nemo, am writing about her soon, she looks exactly like this in my imagination


12. Favorite perfume?

Royale blue for women, Rasasi collection


13. Am i religious?.


rosary-1Am very very catholic!

14. If i was a flower


a lavender rose a significance of enchantment , Majesty, and love at first sight.

15. Have you ever been out of the country and how many times?

am among the unlucky ones, No

16. Any other languages i speak ?

fluent  French, English and  Kinyarwanda

17. How many siblings i have?


onlu-child (1)

18.how old are you

1994 -2016 you do the math!

19. Do i drink? 

Definitely! 23-23-large_default

20. Last time I cried?

last night or couple of days ago!

21. Favorite TV Show?

Super Nanny, total Divas, Steve wilkos show,



22. How tall i am?


23. What phone i have ?

some lousy nokia..that doesn’t do anything right!

24. Can i cook?

Not a pro, but am great!


25. What i do for a living

tired-of-studying1 (1)


study day and night

26. The favorite part of my body


27.Things i do better than the others



28.A compliment i’ve overheard!


29. my relationship status


30.ask me anything right away!


did anybody relate in any kind of way? is there something more you want to ask?

i tag anybody reading this, the same questions or modify it how you want! now have fun!

and a beautiful weekend xoxo

“Blood is red, Cyanosis is blue, Med school is a pain”


Blood is red, Cyanosis is blue, medschool is a pain! but you know what? if this very handsome gentleman  Patrick Dempsey personally came to me and asked me to study my butt off,  i swear would. My grades would magically be at the top of the class instantly. Before i knew it i would be done with medical school. and out there being such a great great doctor!

Well i can put at up his picture on the background of my desktop when i study, but we all know he doesn’t know i am studying,  doesn’t know i need the strongest kind of motivation to keep it together, so slap me back to reality, and listen to me vent!

Am in the middle of some of those simply depressing semesters.wanna know why? haven’t done a single fair leave alone easy exam this whole semester. oh wait except medical ethics, rheumatology, and genetics but that’s all sir.


One of the most frustrating things about being in medical school is that no matter how sleep deprived, tired , determined, hungry, and pissed off you are, its never enough. You need more. You keep finding out things you were supposed to know. things you must know to survive. and by this I mean make it to the next year without landing in a psychiatric hospital or else dropping out.

Truth be told am not even one of the nerds! I have a rather relaxed kinda life style. you see me blogging all the time don’t you?, i do party, fool around, watch movies and make back and forth trips to town.

Even if I would say I don’t read much I actually do. We all do its just that we do it differently . Some go cold turkey others seek a little more fun and life into the whole experience without forgetting to panic about exams.


I may seem not very dedicated, but boy am I trying so hard?I want to learn all these insanely complicated things so i can be able to serve ,to care , to help people. That is where my sole motivation lies. At times I just read through notes very quickly so I can pass the next exam. but that is not my goal, my goal is the overall making it, serving with my whole heart!

Bottom line is can somebody pray for me or at least give me a virtual hug?


P.S if you read this whole post , and all my venting you are a star!


Day 3 :” 3 days quote challenge”

my qoutes.jpg


Even though i have loved and been close to several men dearly, and in very special ways, the women in my life beats it all. They are the stars in the story, they are sisters, they listen more. They get crazy with me, they let me feel sorry for myself and vent, tell them the things i hate about my body or voice my sexual frustrations, they take risks with me.

They know what its like to be a woman so its like i understand them and they understand me like i had each of them inside of me, and most importantly, living with them and appreciating them everyday makes me feel grateful for being a woman.

They build me up, teach me things that men won’t, tell me secrets, give me genuine compliments or simply whisper to my ears that i wore a lousy skirt for me to get better and better..what could you trade that for?

In response to the 3-day Quote Challenge (Day 2)

I nominate the following bloggers for the 3-day quote challenge:

Cassi: https://cassiellensecretstory.wordpress.com




If you accept, post 1-3 quotes for 3 consecutive days, and nominate 3 fellow bloggers to do the same each day




Day 2:” the 3 day quote challenge”


Is the world calling us towards real and genuine contentment? is what its offering us sheer joy or a poisonous gift? is it calling us to look towards the big picture or is it blinding our eyes by material things?

Day by day they leave our souls restless and hungry for more.I know of no money that is much enough. I know of no power that is much enough. We always seek more…and more until it drives us crazy and we lose ourselves into looking for things that don’t even satisfy us.

As little sense as this may make to many, what is there to compare from the fulfillment we get from genuinely loving?  from serving compassionately and wholeheartedly? and for humbling ourselves because we recognize the fragility and vulnerability of human nature..and that we are not the ones in control but GOD is!

In response to the 3-day Quote Challenge (Day 2)

I nominate the following bloggers for the 3-day quote challenge:

Kimba White :http://kimbawhite.wordpress.com

Suze :http://suziland.net

Vicky: https://vickgoodwin.wordpress.com


If you accept, post 1-3 quotes for 3 consecutive days, and nominate 3 fellow bloggers to do the same each day