0d3bfd37b7873e5877b6857bcabf9579Inside of us where it silently resides
suffocated by fumes of hatred and lies
it melts in façades we wear and dies
the world ignores its ghostlike voice
at its grave grew a rotten rose
if it could write what it wants the most

the hands of men wrote themselves verses of solace
the lame heart can’t write down its conscience
with humility it gives out its reason
poor heart that always long to be true
but it can’t write so we paint it blue

if the heart had magical hands of an artist
if it had the colors to portrait its protest
i wish it that as i rythm my sighs
i’m lucky that my pen sings even when am quiet
but one day i’ll hand my own heart a pen
let it write the psalm of its pain



13 thoughts on “IF THE HEART COULD WRITE

    1. you know what i would challenge you to still put it into consideration and maybe post it, am always suprised at how people enjoy my poetry both here and some other few people i’ve shared it with, they like them more than i do, and it gives me confidence to write more, so don’t give up, practice, you’ll be better i promise also my greatest source of inspiration is from reading other poetry mostly the ones i relate to because most of my poetry is lyric, so maybe search within in things you want to express the most, the things you feel deeply because the cornerstone of poetry is emotion, like your love for your girlfriend maybe! good luck, i know you’ll do it xx


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