21 breakup songs for 3 types of girls


This playlist best suits the fierce, bold, harsh girls who pretty much think they can do all bad by themselves, and that those guys who broke their hearts were losers anyway!

1. Fuck it – Eamon
2. Over it -Catherine Mcphee
3. Leave-Jojo
4. Yesterday-Trey Songz ft Toni Braxton
5. No love -Eminem
6. Love hurts- Denyque
7. Say it  all-Nelly Furtado


This playlist identifies with emotional girls, who will feel the hurt but still keep their heads above the water, gather their strength to move on and not lose themselves into the break up even if they know it hurt like hell.

1. Skyscrapers – Demi Lavato
2. I was a fool – Tegan and Sarah
3. Damaged -Shayne Ward
4.Better in time-Leonna Lewis
5. Jar of hearts -Christina Perry
6. Now am all messed up -Tegan and Sarah
7. Win -Jarell Perry

This playlist is for the hopeless romantic, who are soft and fragile at heart , likely to pursue false hopes of the guy coming back someday,  they are the type who fall too hard and can’t imagine going on after the breakup because of the so  cliche line ” i can’t live without you” this playlist is not recommended it will make it a whole lot harder than it is to let go.
1. Unbreak  my heart-Toni Braxton
2. Because of you- Kelly Clarkson
3. Everytime -Britney Spears
4. Goodbye my lover-James Blunt
5. Someone like you- Adele
6. My immortal- Evanescence
7 Show me the meaning- Backstreet Boys

”  you can break down a woman temporarily but a real woman will always pick up the pieces rebuild herself and come back stronger than ever”


5 thoughts on “21 breakup songs for 3 types of girls

  1. Interesting choices for the different playlists, and a great idea–I’ll have to listen a little more to the song “My Immortal” by Evanescence, as I may have missed something in interpretation and I haven’t heard it in a while.

    It’s refreshing that you created three categories of breakup situations rather than lump them all in one category. This might be a list I revisit, just because of all the song choices in each category. Unless I also missed something in the song “Because of You” by Kelly Clarkson (with Reba McIntyre), the narrative voice in that song doesn’t sound like someone who wants to make up with the guy, but rather someone who has been hurt in such a way that she’ll have difficulty trusting anyone again, including herself, in any romantic relationship; that one’s a tough call. I guess I’m a little more calloused when it comes to breakups and such, because of some of the dating relationships I’d been in, so I don’t really have a song that fits–more like a mindset in search of a song. 😉

    Anyway, this was my first visit over here, and I like your poetry, too, so I may be back here again. I’ve enjoyed meeting you and some of the others during the Commenting workshop.

    P.S. “Rolling In The Deep” by Adele is about as close as it gets, but it’s still not the right fit. **LOL**

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts i knew some didn’t fit exactly where they are supposed to be, but like Because of you i know Kelly tells the way she even kind of doesn’t believe anymore and i think i put in in the third category because of the sadness embedded in it, and the third category characterizes with too much sadness and wondering why love is so unjust! i My immortal is very sad and expresses the way this woman had stood by the man in every situation only to have the man walk away on him and also the impossibility of completely accepting that he is gone, because she is still so in love with him and wish deep inside he could come back or at least find something that helps her let go! it would make me cry when i listened to i am glad you make me put more thought into my choices, nice insights am also glad you can relate, and thank you for the compliments about my poetry! xx


  2. Wow!… Songs reminds us of alot of things in life; breakup stories, failure stories, success stories….. And so on

    We should have breakup songs for guys. We get heartbroken too you know. Lol

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