Show him the hidden part of myself
another me he has no clue about,
and those wasted pieces of my wealth
new things he can’t think about
picture him all that my life is like
untold words my throat has to fight
explain him my mistakes
tell him my reasons

Grab him by the hand, that man
right to the edge of my secret land
whisper my thoughts to his ear
play him the melody of a heart so clear
let him read my soul like a sentence
to capturet he time we lost in silence
give him my message
tell him to understand

he won’t need to use notes
it’s just to tell me words
his voice coming out like a lullaby
giving me strength in a fantasy
loosening the curfew, letting me go
listening to the rules,and fighting me not
teach him my senses
tell him who i am.


21 thoughts on “TELL HIM

    1. thanks a lot! poems are really so hard for me to publish because most of them are my feelings, and telling things from my experience, so its like putting my heart out there! thank you for encouraging me

      Liked by 1 person

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