The world is full of different opinions, and they even have facts as to why some human beings should be more acceptable than others. Living in a country with a history of Genocide, am always thinking about the refugee crisis. and what its like to be shut out and left in the open to also wondering how many of my friends, families, and country mates would have survived if every country closed their doors on them..the world is not fair.. but fairness is overrated!!






  1. I agree and I live in Australia, a country known to be particularly harsh on their refugees.
    As the son of a refugee mother and father I can really sympathise with the plight of those that flee.
    But at the same time I can understand from a government’s perspective that to accept is to fuel a black market human trade. Not only are people exploited in this trade (sex trafficking), but the proceeds go towards organised crime.
    It’s a terrible catch twenty two but in the end, empathy always trumps logic.

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    1. i also understand that and security and setting up measures is important but sometimes when i see children and old people struggling and suffering, its disturbing, and i also recently read somewhere where someone an american was complaining about how those refugees take up their jobs for less it involves less than one perspective but am just up for preaching tolerance and compassion!

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      1. If only we could all be so compassionate! I agree with you whole heartedly. I think the key to it all is education v and understanding. I too just wrote a peace on education and understanding. It’s onwildlife conservation on south America. Would you mind taking a look?

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  2. Very true. This is one of the reasons I hate it when Mexican immigrants in my country are referred to as “illegal immigrants,” “illegal aliens,” or simply “illegals.” It may not seem like a big deal to many, but there is danger in using such negative terms to refer to a group of people. Hate is nothing to play with…no matter how many votes it earns you.

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    1. i agree and i always remember that i wouldn’t live my country if there wasn’t anything serious making me leave! everyone is looking for survival and safety, and the least we could do is shelter those people, unfortunately so many hearts are closed!

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