3 days old blog:” Am already getting some love”

Today my blog is 3 days old, and i knew nothing about the pressure of starting a new blog or  how it feels to wonder if you should click the publish button or not, so is it because am an anxious wreck normally or not , well many new bloggers may be feeling like me…out of the so many advices given to new bloggers, this stuck with me ” don’t take blogging too seriously“,

that has to be a self reminder if i ever obsess about how to get people to read my blog, if am saying the right things or can’t seem to come up with what to post next, one of my gaols is to express myself in such  a way i feel that its my own voice that’s speaking, another gaol is to have fun, if i achieve that i will be doing things right

being genuine and being myself, sharing my inner beauty and the uniqueness of my thoughts mean everything to me

am happy and surprised that alot of people think this blog is a brilliant idea and like it, am also grateful for the love am getting from fellow bloggers and friends, its encouraging and definitely keeping me going..

bottom line is everything starts somewhere, and we grow with time, so let time do the work..and take it easy .. that is if you are a new blogger like me..otherwise if you ever stop by to read my blog stay tuned, more is coming…xoxo



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