she found no peace in his silence

she found no hope in his speech

she found no love in his kindness,

there is no warmth in his touch



been trying to steal closeness from his skin under the covers

listening to the notes of his guitar, playing the melody of an indifferent lover

shed her clothes for his pleasure, broke the the rules to earn his favor

his heart like a rock, his soul cold as a wall, his smiles flawless waves

thought she could count her scars, but all he knows are her countless curves


and all that she is is plain, so holding her must be causing him pain

push her, kiss her, toss her hard, caress her skin, an addiction to that bittersweet abuse

she’ll always come back for more in the night, or in the morning a few seconds after dawn

to shake her spirit afresh, for his scent is her kind of muse




    1. Hey Lana, thanks and congratulations for being the first person to comment on my post!!
      i have just got this started and wondering if anybody is going to even read it, thanks alot, more is definitely coming, am checking your blog out asap. thanks aloooot!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Patrick, am glad you found this, and thanks alot for the comment, am just starting to blog i absolutely have no idea how this whole thing works, but we all start somewhere don’t we?, more is coming xoxo


    1. thanks alot for the love, my blog is new and i am always nervous to post especially poetry because most of my poems are lyric and a honest voice from within, wondering if am not wearing my secrets out, but i guess thats why i have a blog, thanks alot any advice on how to blog better is welcome


  1. Kar3en .k

    Hey there ,
    This is so original and unique and trust me you truly know exactly on what button to hit for tears to flow as river ,
    Keep it up …your write up just relaxes my head and mind after my daily stress ….
    God bless with more ..xoxo.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kimbawhite

    Oh Wow…how I can relate to your indifferent lover. Well what I mean is…I relate to you…nobody can relate to an indifferent lover…unless you can see a glimmer of hope that they care….just a glimmer is all we need to keep us going on such an erotic and soul destroying path. See my post Kryptonite. Thanks for such a beautiful poem…. ‘ trying to steal closeness from his skin’. Oh yes..I’ve been trying to steal something…anything…for years xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Am so glad you can relate, the magic in poetry like music is it envelops the feelings of many as if there were one person! ” stealing closeness from his skin” i think its the most desperate line in this poem, that describes how you can crave something as simple as having someone touch their skin to yours! and yet how comforting and freeing it would be if they offered, and you didn’t have to steal! been trying to find your blog but wordpress says it’s been deleted! would you help me find it?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. kimbawhite

        Yes your poem totally summed up my feelings of complete adoration I have for this man…who is passionate in bed but very reserved otherwise. It’s a poem that will always stay with me…congratulations!

        Liked by 1 person

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