So am here today on the 14th march 2016, to make history and write my first blog post, that i have no idea what to include, well am hyper and in that stage of life where you just want to explore opportunities and take every possible chance there is, also its a self challenge to try and rate how amazing i am..ha!

as i start i have no idea what things i will write on here..but trust me, am creative, and awesome and want to vent as many times as possible, but well the reason why i think writing this blog is a brilliant idea is that where i am now and who i am , the things i have read have made such a big difference in my life, i do not have a degree in literature or unexceptional skills and neither did most of the people i read from, but i strongly have faith that somewhere somehow someone is going to read something useful, inspiring, or educative on this blog..

am looking forward to what a journey its going to be and i thank everyone who will stop by to read me..xoxo


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